Nails Art

Nails Art by Afrocurls95  
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Natural Nails with Top Coat 
Oooooooooooooh Gosh very clear
Nails tools Top coat , base coat , cuticle oil
Nail art💅🏾
D.i.y nails polish:
Fix old nail polish with top coat
SinfulColors by King Kyle name – Kryptonite- Gorgeous GreenHow to paint nails:
I’m going to show you how to get the perfect manicure in this blog post and This is what you will need to get started , 
 *Nails polish remover 
*File & clip
*Push back cuticles & Oil 
*Base coat & top coat 
*Nails of your choice  
what is base coat ? B.C. Prevents Staining of natural nails & promotes a long lasting manicure 
Apply 1-2 coat then wait to dry, after letting the base coat to dry then use  any kind of nails polish  
what is top coat ? T.C  add sealing &  fast drying time, no chipping + long wear .= high shine
   Step one:
Clean then prep the nails with  base coat 
    Step  two:
Paint the nails with any polish of your choice 
   Step Three:
wait until nails polish is 80-90 % dry 
  Step four:
 clean around the cuticles area with  peel off  base coat  or pure acetone
 Step Five:
 Final step Apply top coat & allow nails to dry & enjoy your nails.  
the perfect nails polish for all season

Sally Hansen : Miracle Gel 4th of July Nails Art with Glitter cute nails art design Summer beauty~Summer + sunshine = sunflower 🌻 Pure Ice with heart & Silver BowsNails art for daysssssssssssNailsso fine Afrocurls95 Let’s draw a flower nails art:

This is what you will need to draw the flower 

Nails polish 
Dotting tool 
paint the nails with any polish of your choice & let the polish dry’ 
pour little bit nails polish in a nails art glass bowl & place the dotting tool into the paint make a dot, 

~Add the dot on top of  the nails~

1st Step – dot

2nd step – dot 

3rd step  – dot

4th step- dot 

5th step-dot 

After adding the dot then used the toothpick to draw a lines from one dot to another in the middle and then add the ring stone and you’r done for now’ then let the nails design up 80 – 90% then add top coat. Enjoy!

D.i.y peel off base coat:

I will be using orly nails polish bottle that I clean with pure acetone. school glue & water 

1:pour 2-3 of glue into the clean nails polish bottle 
2: add 1-3 of  water & mix well or shake well 
Dry bottle not wet nails polish bottle   

Don’t forget to apply base coat before painting your nails with any glitter polish,Gorgeous & Simple..White Nails Polish by Pure IceAnother crazy nails art in Afrocurls95D.I.Y How to Remove Nails StainD.I.YGlitter Nails polishHoLo Glitter Nails Art Summer Fun NailsHalloween nail art French Tip Nails Art Nails Art 💅🏾Edit

Glitter Nails art~Essie Nails polish

Hot Neon Green + nails art
Christmas Nails
French tip with Lasplash Glitter & top coat 
Valentine nails art
paint my heart red
Nail art
messy nails💅🏾

Bye for no                         

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