Welcome folks! I hope you like it here’ my real name is Sonia’ but you can call me Afrocurls95 because that is the name are use on my social media platforms,so this is it,I was literally inspired by epics writers’ so I started blogging{ To Tell My Story } and share my thoughts on beautysecret,fashion,naturalhair+more,I though I would let you guys knows a little bit about me just in case you were wondering’ well this is me and my little boy in the picture you are looking at right now

I’m a early 30s wifely and stay at home mommy for the time being, I was born and raised in west Africa Monrovia Liberia’ I wanted to school in Liberia plus Ghana” speaking of me again I did a little bit of fashion modeling In Ghana but not anymore right now I’m a self taught photography,nails designer’ I love writing and fashion’ I don’t not like natural hair oooooh I love it,that is one of the reason why I created this blog to share my experiences’ My Natural Hair Journey  and most importantly to become one of the top stories teller writer{True story} there was something’s I did not mentioned in this about me, which was my childhood experiences,I’m just going to tell you a little bit just in case I bring then up in my future blogging, I was a orphan at the age of six,I lost my family in a tragedy war’ which I witnessed at the very young age mother• father• brothers• Sister• uncles• Anuty’s• cousin• grandmother• grandfather,and was raised by family members and relatives, Me and my Aunts are praying to God for mercy Here with some of their soupport I was able to overcome some of my suffereding from the deaths of my love ones( i will never forget them ){furthermore} I’ve imaging that it was an nightmare and my family’s will return back to me at this past age time of my life-seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen seventeen eighteen nineteen twenty,at twenty~one~ year old before I realized that they were not coming back to me and I also felt like I’d suffered enough of grieving’ so I’ve leaned to live with the fact, which I’ve been living with for the rest of my adult life and no longer feeling sorry for myself but happier because if they were alive that is what they will want for us

{ Mission Statement } my goals is to be an inspiration to others people’s all around the world  who has troubled time in their lives but still make it through

{Side Note} regardless of what happen to me as a child, I’ve try to never be a victim but a winner” that is why I’ve decided to live life to the fullest 

{Note} I was kinda on blogspot for a while and I recently move to WordPress for good’ and also looking forward to make some new friends with you guys on WordPress 

{Camera} I’m using to photograph is the Canon EOS Rebel T5i~my passion for photography is above and beyond , I take pictures of almost everything’s you will see in my blog postingIf you see any photos that is belong to you and want me to take it down let me know by sending  me a message in the links below

I also hope this information helps you understand a bit more about me and where I come from

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Bye for now Afrocurls95 

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