O.M.G Temporary Hair Color-{Natural Hair}

So we all know April showers bring may flowers and summer bring bright colourful things, summer with me means colourful hair and shining things,coloring type 4 hair temporary it can be a nightmare if you don’t know how to or what to do

that is why I will be showing you how I Color my natural 4c & 4b Afro hair 

This may look crazy but that is what works for my hairSome may asked why Color ?Well, well, I will say some time in life we go through some changes and this is one of mine

~Here is the colours I will be using~ 

Blue~ pink ~orange~ purple~ dark purple~silver~light blue > LA. Girl eyeshadow Color : blue~ pink

~How I get my hair ready for temporary Coloring~
First I rinse and Shampoo my hair than deep conditioner after deep conditioning than I put in my leave in- conditioner and box braid 8 section then I sleep over night 

Next morning I take down my box braid and use mine not your mother’s naturals curl defining combing cream 

Than I take it down the morning second {again}

The third morning i usually take down my box braids and after taking down my box braids than I get dress and get to go shop, after shopping when I’m back home than I relax and finger detangle

After finger detangling than I put my hair into a bigger boxing Braids like 6 braids

~The final day for coloring my hair~ then I take down my box braids and grab a little section of hair and apply the hair color to the hair 

~The reason why I did all of this~

So that’s my natural hair will remain stretch and after I apply my hair Color I won’t use any more hair product on top of the Color to keep that Color popping and still get little definition 

I really don’t know which Color its is,because everything kinda mix , okay ‘ let’s call this ombré Mix ha ha ha

No way  can you help me with the Color name?

Anyway I was thinking maybe we can create a different name than the color mix

~Here are the real names of the products I used~

EDGE Blendable Hair Color: silver 

EDGE Blendable Hair Color: pink

EDGE Blendable Hair Color: Blue

EDGE Blendable Hair Color :Dark purple

Hair Chalk pens: Blue

Hair Chalk pen: pink

Hair Chalk pens: purple

ALEX Hair Chalk pens: purple

ALEX Hair Chalk pens: orange

ALEX Hair Chalk pens: pink

ALEX Hair Chalk pens: Light Blue

City Color Collection > Color Corrector: orange

Why use eyeshadow?

The eyeshadow helps me use less hair chalks and also makes my hair color pop

 If you like to see how I apply the Color click Here
The transformation is super amazing and cool colours Here:

​​Bye for now Afrocurls95 


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