Rosy VoxBox reviews 

Hello! In this review I’m going to be reviewing 5 products that I received from Influenster for testing out’ look on the right side guys I’ve tried some of these stuff and also purchased it on my own before receiving from Influenster so I alright know some of them,I’m gonna be giving you my honest opinion on these stuff Secret Clinical Strength Invisible Solid Deodorant ~I absolutely love secret deodorant’ I’ve tried tons of different roll on but I alway end up coming back to secret’ mainly the smell is pleasant and it lest all daylong’ you will get lot of product for the price in the bottle2:New Purell~So okay I ofterly don’t use hand sanitizer but this one I think I like the way it fast drying and that super cool feeling it has to it. It kill 99.99% germs 3: Not Your Mother’s ~I think the not your mother’s beach babe product work well on wavy hair but not my 4c Kinky hair, the only reason why I said that is you will have put in shea butter in orders for it to look great and if your hair is mois well great way to go with beach babebut the New not your mother’s naturals is super amazing and have a very nice smells to it’ it says no sulfates no silicones no parabens no synthetic dyes all you need is leave-in conditioner & not your mother’s naturals make sure to let the leave-in conditioner to air dry before putting the not your mother’s curl defining combing cream product, if you don’t want your hair to shrinkage a lots (again)then after you apply the leave-In conditioner let the hair air dry 90% before using the curl defining product 4: verwing ~It smells like spring is in the air and that is a good thing’ extremely natural scent purfumes, you will need to use more of this stuff to get that spring scent5:Fancy-feet~This pad fit perfectly well and it also make my high heels shoes comfortable to walk in I now feel pretty amazing when I’m wearing high heels 

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