D.I.Y Leave-In Conditioner Okra gel

After trying out many different D.I.Y homemade leave-In conditioner, I’m super excited to be sharing this D.I.Y leave -conditioner gel with you guys’ overall this is my favourite D.I.Y leave-in conditioner so far,video here YouTube 

here are the ingredients I used in this D.I.Y Conditioner gel.  Step 1> studies shows that Okra is packed with valuable nutrients, it is a high fiber food & it’s is re-commended levers of vitamin B6 & Folic Acid,
here are some of the Nutrition you can find in OKRA Sliced…

.37 Micrograms folic acid ..

. 13 Milligrams vitamin c {22 percent DV}

.5.8 Grams Carbohydrates ..

So let’s get started>wash & chop the okra then let it cook for 10-15 minutes on high heat when the is young
if the okra is old and hard lets it cook for 30-40 minutes on low or high heat, after cooking the okra you need a bowl & spoon/ sieve,

while okra is getting cold time to work on the Aloe Vera.

Step 2>Aloe Vera- is the world magical plant & my favorite remedies & it has great hair benefits, it promote healthier hair & scalp and it also make the hair shiny,

first wash the aloe vera then peel of the leaves with knife & put the aloe vera in the blender or bowl after that add cold okra juice to the aloe vera & mix in to blender, make sure it blends well than sieve, you will need to sieve twice doing this D.I.Y, First sieving with any sieve or straining of your choice them second you need a silk head tie or silk scarf sieve the diy juice again
after sieving or straining all you need to do is add the Essential Oil

Here are the measurements of the essential oil that I used

Castor Oil-is one of the important oil for hair growth & castor oil also help to protect hair & stimulates circulation of nutrient rich blood to scalp’ here are some uses for castor oil

hair lost castor oil

hair conditioner castor oil

longer eyelashes castor oil..

itching & flaking scalp castor oil

split ends castor oil & one of the part I really like about this castor oil is scentless.

add 2 tsp of Castor Oil to the Leave-In Conditioner gel.
Aloe Vera Oil- Hair Care: is known as the perfect solutions for conditioning ,
add 1 tsp of Aloe Vera Oil..

JoJoba Oil– contains many nutritional compounds including long- chain essential fatty acids & fatty alcohols and also Hair Restorative 1-2 times weekly apply to scalp for growth..

add 1 tsp of Jojoba Oil.

Sweet Almond Oil– is nourishing, hydrating & extremely gentle on skin & scalp..

add 2 tsp of Sweet Almond Oil..

Eucalyptus Oil-can also be used for hair & beard nourishment’ just add a few eucalyptus oil to your products & it will stimulate your scalp & moisturize your hair ..

add 2 drops Eucalyptus Oil

Lavender Oil – is famous for fragrances used in cosmetics & diy for the scent.

add 10 drops of Lavender oil.

Vitamin-E-Oil– some common uses of E- OIL :

Hydrates Hair, Moisturizes Skin, Helps Soften Cuticles..

Vitamin E-OIL also helps improve circulation on the scalp.

add 5 drops of Vitamin E-Oil.

Check out this video to see how I apply my D.I.Y Leave-In conditioner gel to my natural hair    YouTube Hair tutorial

Bye for now Afrocurls95